About the Consultants Mind Blog

Consultants think a bit differently.  Lots of lateral ideas, structured thinking, and clear communication.  This blog attempts to show some of that in a not-too-boring way.

Professionally, I have worked in Fortune 500 and Big 4 consulting firms.  Have enjoyed blogging since April 2012 and look forward to your thoughts, comments, and push back.

I am a bit of a libertarian, but still find this criticism valid.

Libertarians Make Bad LifeGuards - Consulting Blog

Clay Bennett editorial cartoon (Click for backlink)

25 thoughts on “About the Consultants Mind Blog

  1. Hey there, I am currently working on a similar project/blog regarding consulting. I would like to get in touch with you, would you mind dropping me a short eMail at my contact details below?

    Best, Philipp

  2. Hi,
    i would like to exchange some e-mails with you regarding the blog and my activities in consulting are in Poland. Could you please send me your e-mail adress ?

  3. Great Stuff! I have been a fan and voracious consumer of David Maister’s wisdom for a long time now. I was honored to receive a prompt and courteous affirmative email response from him when I asked his permission to adapt and use his Healthcare model from True Professionalism for my use in financial services consulting. (Slides 40 & 42: http://www.slideshare.net/JPNicols/from-transactions-to-relationships-ss?ref=http://jpnicols.com/2013/10/01/transactions-relationships-innovations-next-horizon/)

  4. Excellent blog – I’ve already gained valuable insight, and have only wasted about twenty minutes!! I’m an APD candidate, and have been turned down at the decision with McK and BCG. I’d like to know if we can exchange a couple emails and try to root out my issues. Thanks, and I’ll continue to read… but for now, cancer isn’t going to cure itself. Cheers.

    • Yes, will send you an email separately. As a FYI, I worked at big 4, not big 3. Also, APD is a difficult way to enter consulting. They are looking for niche specialization, not generalists.

  5. Hey!

    I really love your website. I especially love the article about saving face of a client. I’ve also worked as a consultant and I had a boss that used a lot of deadly phrases. Sometimes it was really painful to go into a meeting with him because I knew there will be many unnecessary arguing going on.

    Well, I am thinking of creating a website on a certain topic that is complementary to yours and I would like to get an opinion from someone who already has a lot of experience with this audience online. Could you give me your email to set you several questions? I would be really grateful for such an opportunity.

    Best regards,
    Alen Faljic

  6. Great article on Consulting Jargon….brilliant idea to put a “what was your last deliverable” counter at the end…hopefully more people vote!

    I would be interested to get your advice and feedback on some PowerPoint material I have recently put together geared at consultants and bankers…I think I’m aiming at the right market, but maybe I’m way off. If you shoot me an email I will send through some details.

    Would really appreciate!


  7. I’ve launched a solo practice but wanted to get more experience. Your blog has shed light on a plethora of topics I now feel confident in using.
    Where do you find your subcontractors? I would like to work with you on a few projects. Would you kindly email me any information? Thank you for an inspiring blog that delivers quality knowledge.

  8. Very informative site. Been thinking of putting my thoughts on paper for sometime but don’t really know where to start. My young consulting career has given me a lot of insights which I know may be helpful to some, especially those consulting for African countries. Is it ok to get some insights from you through email? Thanks!

    • Surely, I will email you separately. My first thoughts are: 1) start. it took me months to put my first blog post on paper 2) keep going. The majority of bloggers I started with don’t blog any more 3) enjoy it. plan on blogging for yourself and your desire to share, not make money or something like that.

  9. Hi,
    i would like to contribute an article about Big Data / Predictive Analytics / Customer Value Prediction to your blog.
    For more details please contact me and/or send me your email address.

    Best Regards
    Dastani Consulting GmbH

  10. Hi,

    I have been following your blog throughout the recruiting season lately. Thanks to your insightful tips I was invited to the second round interviews with Deloitte and PwC. However, they are scheduled for the same day! I have emailed PwC but they do not allow reschedule…

    Would you mind sharing some tips on how to manage this kind of interview conflicts? Would really appreciate any tips!


    • Eva, congratulations. Getting an interview is half the battle. My suggestion is to reach out to the contacts you have at those firms. In the end, if they want to interview you, they will probably make allowances.

      Offer to travel to a different location, come to their office, be the first to interview in the morning etc.

      As always, 1) communicate your authentic interest to them . . . not just HR, but your other contacts 2) ask for help solving the problem 3) ask Deloitte and PWC both, 4) think through options that you can give them . . make it easy to say “yes” 5) At the end of the day, if they are really unwilling to make allowances, perhaps. . . they don’t deserve you. Be good, be strong. Hope this helps.

      • Thanks a lot for the prompt reply. Really appreciate it and keep the good work going, it has been very helpful for recruiting and fun to read!


  11. Hi there,

    I’m a co-founder of Dreamler, a Swedish start-up developing an innovative process visualization tool for consultants. I would love to get your feedback on our software. Would you mind dropping me an email?

    All the best,


  12. Hi,

    I been working in a specialize industry for some years and now I want to do some consultancy work in this area. I haven’t had any previous experience in consulting, so I need to learn some basic steps to start “walking”. Will it be possible to exchange some feedback with you through emails?



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